Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daily Life

Well, we are finally potty training Morgan (MoJo). So my world right now is all about big boy unders, pee-pee and poo-poo and wiping, flushing and all the other glorious terms and chores that go along with potty training! Morgan got his cast off a week or so ago, so now he just has a brace that he had so wear for another couple of weeks. He doctor said his x-rays looked good but that he didn't trust MoJo not to be a crazy man, so in the brace he went!

Meanwhile, I have started walking/jogging every day...except today of course, since I'm sitting here on the computer and it's raining outside! My muscles are sore and my legs are cramping, but it feels so good! I hope to complete the Nike Women's half marathon at the end of October. It's coming up soon, so I had better kick it in gear if I want to survive! I was suckered into coaching for marshall's soccer team, so I've been busy with that, and I'm also in charge of the Activity Days for our primary. Busy busy busy! (but no PTO this year:) yeah!)

Jeff is wanting to train for another triathalon! He's crazy but he loves it and it makes him happy! We decided to close his office in Ontario, Oregon. No since paying for an office when he can work just as easily from home.

Marshall is in 1st grade and is doing really well. That kid is smarter that he lets on! All the sudden, he's reading and I thought he was still struggling with his letters! Go Mrs. Bain! Marshall has come a long way with his soccer skills since last year when all he did was spin in circles around the field! He is much more focused and aggressive this year. He is also the biggest kid on the team! I think he might turn out to be one of the best kids on the team this year (his coaches mad coaching skills aside of course!). Oh, he also wanted me to note that he and Dad defeated Cynder the Dragon on the Spyro game that he got for Christmas last year...noted!

So those are the adventures we are all on! I love our little family! We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!

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