Sunday, September 27, 2009

Over due update!

A sunny day and the Hogle Zoo!

So we have moved to Provo, Utah after briefly living with Jenelle (little sis). We are loving our new place. Jeff has headed back to school seeking his doctorate in pharmacy and an MBA. Life is crazy, but no more than usual. I have been working for Grant's (big bro) wedding design business for the last year as a production assistant. They have asked me to be a bridal consultant as well so now I will be meeting with the brides and helping them design their wedding event! It's going to be exciting! Here is a link to the website... and also If you know of anyone who needs event planning and decorations, send them my way! I have also created a blog to help me sell some of the items that Rosanne and Brit (aunt and uncle) have collected over time from the Philippines and other places. Check it out at . Marshall and Morgan are doing awesome! Marshall is liking school a little better, and Morgan just wants to go to school sooo bad! He will start preschool as soon as there is an opening. Kids just don't stop growing!

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